H&A - Information Note, 7th March 2023

H&A - Information Note, 7th March 2023

Another step forward in the development and transformation of H&A Location with the equity investment of a pool of investors made up of Galia Gestion, IDIA Capital Investissement and Grand Sud-Ouest Capital.


  • On Wednesday 1st March 2023, H&A Location welcomed Galia Gestion, IDIA Capital Investissement and Grand Sud-Ouest Capital into its capital
  • Investment funds backed by sound banking groups, with strong regional and national standing, committed to the development of agri-food and wine-growing sectors and their energy transition.
  • H&A guarantees a virtuous circular economy and protects wood resources.
  • The two founders remain the majority and increase their shareholding.
  • Equity investment of managers alongside the H&A founders.


« Dear Clients,

We are delighted to announce the influx of capital from new partners, coming from large French banking institutions. An evolution made possible thanks to the participation and backing of Crédit Agricole, LCL and BNP, our historic partners since the creation of H&A in 2004. 


As founders, we would like to commend the quality of exchanges which have led to the construction of an association to reinforce our group.


This consolidates the deployment of our ambitious strategy, focused on the longer life expectancy of your barrels and on the creation of new cycles of use. 

Environmentally conscious, for the past 18 years, we have been working on a virtuous circular economy, protecting the forest heritage.


This new step forward strengthens our position as a world leader of barrel recycling. With over 800,000 wine barrels already under management, we are pursuing the development of our international presence amongst large partners in the wine and spirits sector.


The influx of corporate officers in H&A’s share capital demonstrates our desire to prepare for the future, to perpetuate the group’s DNA, and to confirm our commitment to supporting you in your future challenges.


We would like to thank you for your trust and loyalty. »

Richard Hardillier & Florent Arrouy

President & CEO