Moscatel Used Barrels

Moscatel Used Barrels


What are we talking about?


Moscatel is grape variety mostly found in the iberic peninsula.

It is well know among the winemakers for its high level of sugar, and so, the possibility given to produce sweet wines.


In Andaloucia, Moscatel is one of the only two varieties allowed to produce the Naturally Sweet Sherry Wines.

The second variety being the world famous Pedro Ximénez (PX).


In Portugal, Moscatel Naturally Sweet Wines are produced in the Setubal Peninsula and the Douro Valley.


These wines aromatic profile is marked by the floral aromas, orange blossom and honey, in addition to citrusy.


The most qualitative of these wines are barrel aged. But what happened to the barrels when the wine making process is over?

A moscatel cask is usually a 225 L French oak barrel, aged between 3 and 5 years old; and H&A offers them a new life.

Indeed, the wines that were being aged in the barrels has still a lot to offer once the cask is empty. It is still full of the rich and strong aromas of Moscatel.

Not even speaking of the high level of residual sugar these wines naturally have…

They will be used either in the Spirit Industry, ageing and finishing Whiskies or Rum. Or in the Craft Beer Industry to age beers, and even be used for spontenous fermentations.

They are a true alternative to Pedro Ximénez barrels. And even to Sauternes casks, has an old Sauternes Wine is close to a White Moscatel speaking of aromatic profile.


To put in a nutshell, Moscatel wines, even if usually not known by the large majority of consumers, are a true asset when it comes to the Spirits and Beers Industries using barrels.