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The role of white wine in the finishing of spirits

The role of white wine in the finishing of spirits

The past few years, White Wine Barrels have become an important tool to finish premium spirits and beers :

  • White Wine 15 years from Teeling
  • Auchentoshan Whisky Sauvignon Blanc
  • Glen Moray 10 year old Chardonnay Matured
  • Cantillon Lambic Chardonnay
  • Russian River Temptation


But what are exactly the History and input of these rare barrels?

Most of them are made of fine grain French Oak.

For years, they hold the wine made of the most qualitative grapes variety, such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.





Chardonnay , this very name is a journey to some of the most exotic countries and places in the world : South Africa, Australia, California, …

But Chardonnay’s history started in France, in Burgundy. There he earned its first stripes in Chablis, Meursault, Puligny-Montrachet, Corton-Charlemagne … ect.

Today, he achieved a global recognition as one of the most famous and qualitative grappe in the World.

A Burgundy’s Chardonnay cask will bring grapes, apples, butter and floral aromas.





Extremely popular as one of the most aromatic white varieties, White Sauvignon history started in France.

Indeed, Loire Valley and Bordeaux are the places where it all started.

The winemakers can produce really different profiles of white wines through the way they run the wine making process.

This large range of capabilities made White Sauvignon an international variety.

The White Sauvignon barrels will mostly bring citrus, blossom, and exotic fruits aromas.


H&A’s presence on the french wine market has made the group a major provider of high quality White Win barrels.

Our team can bring all the support and information to help you identify the relevant batches, and give a prioritary access each and every year.