The group

H&A facilitates the management and evolution of THE barrel INVENTORIES

+ 750 000
​​​​​​​barrels managed

+ 1600
customers in the entire world

​​​​​​​Customer Loyalty

The H&A group is a leader in the management of barrels for wineries and distilleries.
With more than 750,000 barrels under management, we have knowledge of the barrel from the initial purchase to the removal. H&A has access to a wide choice of high-quality used barrels, ensuring a reliable and regular source of barrels.

Key Dates


Creation of
H&A Location


100th french customer 10M € of turnover


Creation of
H&A Renting
Bodegas y vinedos
​​​​​​​in Spain


Creation of
H&A Financing
and services

in USA


Creation of
H&A Locazione
​​​​​​​in Italy


+ 150M € of turnover
+ 50 employees


+ 250M € of turnover​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Our mission

Providing access to high-quality used barrels sourced from our financing contracts allows us to offer perfect transparency on their origin and their previous use. Our values are based on an effective and reliable partnership over time.

We resell our oak barrels on different partners :

  • Winery (wineries around the world, coopers, distributors)
  • Distillers
  • Manufacturers, importers of barrels at the end of their life

All our barrels are inspected and brought into compliance with the H&A standard using the protocols of our Quality charter.

 dedicated logistics PROFESSIONAL

We have a large dedicated team, with an international internal sales force, complemented by multiple partners supervised by H&A Used Barrels

We provide technical support with quality managers by country and region.

5 "Logistics Hubs" in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Spain, Italy and California allow for convenient coordination with the help of internal collaborators and specialized carriers.

5 international logistic “hubs”

2 in France

(Bordeaux, Burgundy)

in Spain


  in Italy 

in the United States